Artful Craft

2nd April - 19th June 2022

Artful Craft explores the nature of craft, art, and design in the 21st century addressing the labels, status, and boundaries commonly associated with it as well as the impact new technologies, such as digital design and rapid prototyping, have had on transforming how craft is now perceived.

Curated by MAKE Southwest president and renowned sculptor Peter Randall-Page RA who invited globally recognised artists who, like him, cross boundaries by blending fine art concepts with elements of traditional craft processes. These exhibitors are David Nash RA OBE; Susan Derges; Halima Cassell MBE; David Mach RA; Tavs Jorgensen; Sarah Gillespie; and Marcus Vergette.

Those exhibitors were invited to nominate an additional artist whose work had significance for them to take  part in the exhibition. Those chosen include a mixture of early career artists, established artists who have been influential in some way, or someone whose work addresses the art/craft theme of the show.  Nominated artists are Alice Dudgeon (nominated by David Nash); Amanda Cobbett  (nominated by Sarah Gillespie); Amy Shelton  (nominated by Susan Derges); Jonathan Keep (nominated by Tavs Jorgensen); and Andrea Liu (nominated by Peter Randall-Page).

April 2, 2022